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Before you start…

If you use Rails, rails.vim is a must-know. It greatly simplifies navigation in a Rails app and it gives you many handy shortcuts.

Here's the basic gist of it:

  • :R is the prefix for your main rails navigation commands.
  • :RV file_name will do a vertical split
  • :RS file_name will do a horizontal split
  • :RT file_name will open the file in a new tab

There are commands that will take you to specific directories:

  • :Rview or Rvi will give you views
  • :Rcontroller or Rco will give you controllers
  • :Rmodel or Rmo will give you models

These commands can be paired to create the following:

  • :RVvi home/index.html would open index.html in a vertical split
  • :RSmo user would open user.rb in a horizontal split
  • :RTco comments would open comments_controller.rb in a new tab.
  • :Rvi users/new.html would open new.html, replacing whatever you have currently open.

:A gives you the "alternate" file for your currently open file. E.g., if you're in a model, and you type :AV, then the spec for that model will open up in a vertical split. Pretty nifty, right?

Ok, I hope you got all that, 'cause here's the quiz.

Up Next

:Rmo users
Open users model
:Rco users
Open users controller
:Rvi users/index.html
Open view users/index.html
Vertical split alternate file
Go to file under cursor
Start Level 1