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Before you start…

Arglist is a feature of Vim that lets you specify a set of files then run commands on those files.

This can be especially useful for doing search and replace across multiple files or directories.

The arglist is initalized with whatever file you open Vim with. E.g, if you did vim index.html, your arglist would contain index.html.

Here are some of the common arglist commands you'll want to know:

  • :arg to show the files in your current arglist
  • :argdo to run a command on your arglist
  • :argadd or :arga to add files to your arglist
  • :argdelete or :argd to remove files from your arglist
  • :argdo update to save all changes to your arglist
  • :argdo undo to undo changes to your arglist

Up Next

View arglist
:argdo %s/sam/bob/g
Replace "sam" with "bob" in arglist
:arga names.rb or :argadd names.rb
Add names.rb to arglist
:argd * or :argdelete *
Clear arglist
:argdo update
Save files in arglist
:argdo undo
Undo changes to arglist
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