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Before you start…

Macros let you record a key sequence then play it again on different text.

To start recording a macro, type q then the register you want to save it to. It's easy to just do qq. Once you do this, you'll see "recording" in your status bar.

Next, you type the key sequence you want to save, then hit q again to stop recording.

To play your macro, type @q. To keep playing it, you can use the . command (this always repeats your last command).

You can also play a macro across a visual selection. Just make the selection, then type :normal @q. The normal stands for Normal mode. Note that you won't actually see the : after you type it, you'll see '<,>' intead since you will be in visual selection mode.

Here's a quick recap:

  • qq to start recording
  • q to stop recording
  • @q to play the macro

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